RUTX11 OPENVPN connection fluctuation

We are facing openvpn disconnect/connect(fluctuation issue) even though internet connectivity is up and running . From our observation it happens whenever we get disconnected from lte network (mob1s1a1, mob2sa1)(although this doesn’t impact internet since in failover we have 5g wifi connected on top).

some of our configurations are
device - RUTX11
firmware - RUTX_R_00.07.04.5
failover - 1. wifi_5g(online), 2. wan(interface stopped), 3. mob1s1a1(interface stopped), 4. mob1s2a1(onlne/offline(fluctuating))

let us know if more information is needed.


The openVPN disconnect/connect issue stems from changing your default WAN source, like switching from mob1s1a1 to WiFi. When this happens, the VPN connection must reestablish over the new WAN, leading to brief disruptions. These transitions are expected in failover setups. You can improve the situation slightly by adjusting the failover settings. For example, if you decrease the failover interval, it will trigger more quickly. However, keep in mind that the VPN will still disconnect during these transitions, and using very short intervals may result in false positives. In other words, if there are short connectivity issues, like a few failed pings, the system might incorrectly interpret it as a complete loss of connection and switch to a different interface.

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