RUTX11 OpenVPN Certificates misconfig after reboot


I noticed that after each reboot, the RUTX11 loads the wrong certificates in the OpenVPN config.
For the Certifcate authority, I created CA.crt
For the server certificate: server.crt and for the server key: server.key
This runs stable now (thanks for the help @Daumantas :partying_face: )

However, after a reboot, both server certificate and key are replaced with CA.crt and CA.key
This happens consistently each time.

Is this some kind of bug or is there an additional option that should be used?


The correct file extensions for the certificates and keys should be .pem, however, I’m not sure if this is what is causing the issues. Could you clarify if the certificates were generated locally on the device, or elsewhere?
If they are generated externally, could you try generating certificates with .pem extension and check if the issue reappears?

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So this is definitely something that could be considered as a bug(?)

Here’s what I did:

  1. I didn’t remove the CA.cert and CA.key
  2. Generated new certificates locally on the device
  3. Used the newly generated certificates in the OpenVPN config
  4. test the OpenVPN
  5. Powered off/on the RUTX11
  6. The server certificates were replaced again by CA.cert and CA.key


  1. As the CA.cert, CA.key, server.cert and server.key were both on top of the lists I removed those and leaving the locally generated certificates intact
  2. Modified the OpenVPN config again
  3. test OpenVPN
  4. Power on/off RUTX11
  5. OpenVPN config is correct now

But thanks for pointing out that the problem was probably related to the external generated certificates :partying_face:

I’m glad it’s working now!
If you experience any more issues, let me know!