RUTX11 no internet

Hello everyone,

I have a RUTX11 but it is impossible for me to connect to the internet by WiFi.

I explain: I have both 2.4 and 5 GHz access with the password. I manage to enter the administration, without worry.

I have a WiFi network at home and at work and I did the tests which do not work like with connection sharing with my iPhone: it always says no internet connection.

My settings Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 and last update of the modem too.

I connect to the various WiFi networks sought which are mine, I connect in Client mode. I am asked for my interface which I select in dhcp. I also tried with Access Point mode, but still nothing. I have no internet connection. With cell phones and sim cards, this works. But the objective is not to always use GSM, but to be able to connect to WiFi hotspots and distribute WiFi in my truck.

But impossible.

Can you help me because there is no version of information or flyer on a parameter certainly very simple to achieve.

Thanks in advance.


So just to clarify, the issue where the access point clients do not have an internet connection only occurs when the RUTX11 is running in the STA (WiFi Client) mode, correct?
Please attach a screenshot of the Network → Interfaces → General when connected to a WiFi network in the client mode. This will help me determine the metrics used in your setup and whether the device gets an IP address from the AP at all.
Additionally, screenshots from the wireless page when connected to an access point would also be helpful.

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hello and thank you for your support. In fact, even with my 2.4ghz connection with the freshly created account after a reset and the RUTX11 password (which is under the box), I can connect to the administration but not to the internet. which seems normal to me since I have not yet installed a link with my WiFi. as soon as you enter the various information to join my wifi by pressing the Scan button by putting on client mode or on access point mode, no internet connection occurs. I will take the screen images requested this morning, as soon as possible. thank you for your support.

Hello again.

Here are the screenshots requested for your information.

Thank you for your support.

and the second image

It seems like the device is not connected to the iPhone hotspot. Make sure that:

  • The password is set correctly;
  • iPhone hotspot is running on a channel supported by the RUTX11;
  • Try enabling the “Maximize Compatibility” option on the iPhone, deleting the iPhone network from your RUTX11 and re-adding it.

If these steps don’t help, please replicate the issue (RUTX11 not connecting to the hotspot), navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, press the Show button on the System Logs, copy the system logs and paste them in the next comment or text sharing site like pastebin. These logs will help me identify the issue.

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Thanks agin,

Since my last sending, it is impossible for me to join my RUTX11 at the administration, neither in wifi, nor in ethernet cable. I have to factory reset again. I’ll come back when I’ve been able to reconnect.

Here, some pictures after reinstall

Is the only visible interface LAN? Make sure you switch to Advanced WebUI mode by clicking the mode button in the top-right corner:
The WiFi interface should show up in the Interfaces menu.

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