RUTX11 - losing config on multiple RUTX11's

We have 38 RUTX11’s bought at different times and we are witnessing them losing their configs. I’m now having to keep an eye on which RUTX11’s lose their config but it is not isolated to one device and that list is growing weekly. We’re using the latest firmware We’d like to expand the fleet with these or the RUTX50 but are starting to lose confidence in the devices. I can understand the odd device going a little weary but we’ve had to replace 3 with faulty modems and now we’re finding configs being lost and having to reinstall a backup.


Would it be possible for you to provide a bit more details about your issue?

How many devices are experiencing issues?

Are all configurations lost, or is it only specific parts of them?

Could you also tell us when these devices lose their configurations? Is it during an automatic reboot for example, or is there another trigger?

Lastly, could you clarify how you’re configuring these devices? Are you using a WebUI interface for configuration?

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We’re still looking into this as at first we thought it might just be the odd one but it has manifested itself a fair bit now. So we have a spreadsheet up and running to confirm now.
We’re not sure whether it is happening with firmware updates so we have now halted any further updates until we get to the bottom of the issue.
When the config is lost, the unit defaults and new passwords etc have to be set so it appears that we lose the whole config.
The devices are all configured via the web gui and then managed via RMS. The devices are rebooted fairly regularly as the vehicles they are mounted on are powered down after 30 minutes.


The configurations may be lost due to issues with flash memory. However, since this occurs on multiple devices, I assume that this is not the cause of the issue. When updating the firmware, there is an option to ‘keep settings’. Usually, when there is a major difference between the current and the new firmware, we suggest updating with ‘keep settings’ disabled to avoid any potential migration issues. This way, the devices need to be reconfigured.

If you have any kinds of automations running on the device, I would also suggest checking those. For example, custom scripts, profiles, etc.

Please inform me if you observe any patterns or underlying reasons for when this issue arises.

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We’ve been updating the firmware via rms and only with minor updates and keep settings. I’ve checked another few today and they appear fine. They are all configured exactly the same bar the vpn and network ip’s. For some reason, some appear fine but there have been multiple instances of losing the config which we are now taking note of to see if it is device related.


Sure. Let me know about your findings when you have more information.

Also, please keep in mind that this is a public forum and we do not have an option to share files or information privately (like troubleshoot files, RMS account information, serial numbers, etc.). Thus, if you have an option to communicate with us directly or through your sales manager, I would recommend you do that. This way, the team will be able to help you more efficiently.

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