RUTX11 - is GPS capable of 3D fix or DGPS?

I forward the NMEA to a navigation app , and the GPS status is always 2D fix, but with a good HDOP. Altitude is always a negative value
If I use the GPS from a marine GPS receiver, I get a 3Dfix and DGPS showing in app as well as a relevant altitude.
I checked gpsctl -s which is 1
Can the GPS in a RUTX11 obtain 3D fix or DGPS?


Altitude information is contained within the GPGGA NMEA sentence:

I’d suggest making sure that GPGGA forwarding is enabled:

You can also see the raw output values from the modem to make sure that you are receiving the GPGGA sentences correctly. Via the CLI/SHH run the following command:

cat $(ubus call gsm.modem0 info | jsonfilter -e '@.gps_port')

After a few seconds, stop the output by pressing Ctrl+Z and check if any GPGGA sentences are available. They can be decoded using this tool:
Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply.
I was forwarding the GPGGA sentence, when I decode it, I get the same as I do in the Expedition navigation software.
However the GPS fix type is 2D (using the GPS receiver in my AIS Vesper XB8000 I get 3D)
Also the altitude is a negative value (I am st sea level)
The router is in a QSpot using its antenna for GPS.


Expedition GPS data using RUTX11 as GPS

This is what the GPS data from Vesper XB8000 displays as.
DGPS 3D fix and more relevant altitude. Can the RUTX11 GPS achieve a 3D fix?


And here is the decode when using GPS source as the Vesper XB8000.
This has a fix quality - 2 DGPS
My initial post refers to this difference - can the RUTX11 GPS provide a type 2 DGPS fix?


Apologies, I believe I misunderstood your question.
Indeed, our devices only support GNSS constellations, thus only 2D fix can be acquired. Differential GPS requires specialized equipment and would most likely be out of the scope for a router.

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