RUTX11 - interfaces not showing in GUI but still working

After a firmware upgrade 007.07.1, my wan & lan interfaces don’t show in the GUI but are alive and functioning. I can see them in the /etc/config/network.
I can’t add them to the GUI as duplicates are not allowed. Is there anyway to recover the interfaces in the GUI without a factory reset?


Could you please share a screenshot of the WAN and LAN pages from the WebUI? Thank you.

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There’s not much to see. Both are blank as if there are no interfaces. When I try to add them, it knows they are there as it doesn’t allow me to create the interface as it’s a duplicate.
The router is functioning, and the interfaces are functioning as normal. They are just not displayed in the GUI.

Could you please confirm if you upgraded the firmware with the “Keep settings” option? If so, this might be causing the issue.

Would you mind sharing why you prefer not to perform a factory reset? If it’s due to the concern of losing configurations, please note that you can download a backup file to easily restore the configuration after the reset. In your situation, a factory reset should be the best option to resolve this issue.

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Yes, the keep settings was applied and a backup was restored also.
The router has kept all of the settings after the upgrade ie openvpn, ssids, ip addresses etc and works as normal. it’s just that the interfaces are showing on the GUI even though they are working and cli config files show them as there.
I don’t have access to the router as it is 100 miles away and only on at various times so I am accessing the router via RMS. Hence me being wary of a factory reset in case it doesn’t come back up and connect via RMS

Thank you for the information.
To assist you in restoring LAN and WAN interfaces displayed in the GUI, I will require some sensitive information from you. Therefore, I have sent you a form to fill out. Once completed, I will connect with you privately. Please use ‘6175’ as the ticket ID.

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I have received the form you filled out. I will contact you shortly via email.

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