RUTX11 Events Log missing dates?

I was hoping someone could help provide me some insight as to why the Events Log would be missing several days of information. I was attempting to troubleshoot why the devices connected to this specific RUTX11 had lost network connection from 1/1 to 1/2 but when checking the log I noticed we have an event on 12/29 and then it skips to 1/2.

|1694|2024-01-02 15:03:17|Startup|Device startup completed|
|1693|2023-12-29 13:31:38|Web UI|Password auth succeeded for admin on HTTP from|

This device is part of a remotely managed system, so would this indicate the device was without power for the time being? We have already replaced the device here for similar issues in the past with the RUTX11 losing communication intermittently.


It seems like the device experienced a power loss. When the device loses power, it’s unable to write any information, resulting in no visible logs. The only indicator of the power loss is the startup message.

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