RUTX11 does not work nicely with Anydesk

I have a RUTX11 device running latest firmware. I am unable to use Anydesk with a device connected to a LAN port.

I added traffic rules to open port related to Anydesk but want to know how to open te TCP/UDP from WAN to LAN for now for at least verify Anydesk works and then start looking on restricting the access.


If the RUTX11 is using the mobile connection as the main source of the internet, I’d recommend navigating to Network → Interfaces → General, editing the mob1s1a1 interface → Going to Advanced Settings tab → setting the Override MTU value to 1270 and checking if AnyDesk shows the same behavior.
To forward the traffic WAN → LAN, port forwards can be used. This configuration can be found in the Network → Firewall → Port Forwards section. An alternative could be to use DMZ, which can also be found in the firewall settings. However, it should be noted, that all incoming traffic will be redirected to your PC, which can be insecure.

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