RUTX11 carrier aggregation probelm

Hello, after update to the last firmware, my router RUTX11 doesn’t work anymore with carrier aggregation. I have not changed any setting, but now I see only “single carrier”
Can you help me ?
Thank you


To check the aggregated bands, you can access the command line of the device as described here and execute the following command:

gsmctl -A 'AT+QCAINFO'

Then, without closing the command line window, try running a speed test. While the speed test is running, try executing the same command again to see if bands are aggregating.

Carrier aggregation is mainly controlled by the ISP, which means that it may not be feasible to force the router to consistently aggregate multiple bands. As a result, the bands are usually aggregated only when there is a demand for it.

If the device is stationary, you can consider locking it to a specific cell. This may help with aggreagation. You can find more information about cell locking here.

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Thank you for help me. I just tried as you said but I recieve an error after digit the command and I execute it.
Now I’m tring to study the cell lock.

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