RUTX11 and Verizon VZW SMS [send SMS]

Hi support,

you provided the recent workaround for sending SMS from a RUTX to VerizonWireless (USA) network using

gsmctl -A 'AT+QCFG="ltesms/format",1'

which works fine with the latest firmware (7.06.3) (sending SMS only, receiving does not work, I’ll post a separate issue for that once confirmed).

My question is that it looks like this gsmctl command needs to be run everytime after the device reboots?
If yes, can you please integrate it in the next firmware?



Apologies for the delayed response.

The issue is specific to the Verizon network and is more complex than this command. Thus, this will not be included in the next firmware as it cannot be changed easily. For these specific Verizon SIM cards, you can use the command provided above.

As for the persistance of the command, I suggest you put it into the custom scripts in System → Maintenance → Custom scripts. This way, the command will be executed automatically after every reboot.

Kind Regards,

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