RUTX11 Admin Access

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I’m new to the world of Teltonika and have recently purchased a RUTX11 for use in my Motorhome. I have installed the unit added a SIM and it’s working fine. My issue and to my question is I can’t access the Admin section, I need this to setup GPS and login in to local Wi-Fi networks. I have tried the generic admin and admin01 to no avail. I have also tried the admin and the password on the sticker on the unit, nothing, I have also tried the used name / password for RMS (which I don’t need), any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


If the router wasn’t preconfigured in any way, the password on the device should be functional. Please double-check that you are entering it correctly and ensure that you are using the generated router password, not the Wi-Fi password.

If the issue persists, you can attempt to perform a factory reset on the device. This will erase all configurations on the device and should reset the password if it was previously set. Here is a quick guide on how to perform a factory reset for your device: Link to RUTX11 Device Recovery Options

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. I worked it out last night, I did a factory reset and it logged in straight away using the password on the label

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