RUTx11 7.06.1 Wireguard is broken


Have been deploying 12+ RUTx11’s in remote locations for CCTV and iot applications.

All have been setup and deployed using 7.05.4 firmware.

Wireguard and the devices have been working great for our application, local breakout for internet and VPN (Wireguard) back to application server.

Setting up a new device I am not able to get 7.06.1 to establish a wiregurd connection and have had to roll back to 7.05.4 to be able to proceed with out deployments.

Not sure if this is a known issue, but will like to see it rectified.

Wireguard works at least for me in version 7.06.1.
Can you give more details about the behavior ?
What is the contents of the Allowed IPs list ?
What is the output of the wg command ? Of ip -4 rule show? Of ip -4 route show table all ?


Thanks for the reply, will have to setup a new unit and I will post you the information when I have it together.

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