RUTX11 07.05.4 uhttpd becomes unresponsive


After one hour or so displaying connections the interface becomes unresponsive and connections / transfer volumes are not updated anymore.

The uhttpd process still does something as reported by strace.

gdb doesn’t help a lot:

(gdb) thread apply all bt

Thread 1 (process 3149 "uhttpd"):
#0  0xb6f29bf0 in ?? ()
#1  0xb6f29c20 in ?? ()
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)

Stopping / restarting the browser “unblocks” uhttpd (same pid).



We attempted to replicate the problem you mentioned, but unfortunately, we couldn’t resolve it after spending several hours and making multiple attempts. Could you please share more details about the issue? It would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of the web user interface and the logread around the time when the problem occurred.

Have you experienced a loss of connection to the WAN or the LAN connection to the router? It’s possible that the web UI is timing out. You can check this by accessing the router’s SSH/CLI and locating the “/etc/config/vuci” option for session timeout.

Please get back to us with additional information, and we’ll be happy to investigate the issue further.

Best regards,


WAN maybe, but not lan. I use chrome, the connection is over ethernet on port 443.
The session timeout is set to 86400.
The logread output contains:

2023-12-19T10:25:54-04:00 lgrrutx uhttpd[3149]: vuci: accepted login for admin from
2023-12-19T10:26:09-04:00 lgrrutx uhttpd[3149]: Failed to open /var/lib/luci-bwc/load: No such file or directory

and nothing else of interest.
I’ll compile an uhttpd with debug information to try to see what is going on. Apparently, uhttpd doesn’t “read” incoming data anymore on the TLS socket. The other threads are still active.

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