RUTX10 - second unit as AP

I already have one Rutx10 set up as a router. I’m planning to get another one and use this as a wired and wireless AP. The two RUTX:s will be connected to each other with Ethernet.

How do I configure the second RUTX to achieve this? I’ve read that connecting two routers can cause problems so I guess I have to configure the second router differently than the first one.


Are you looking for a solution similar to this?

Hmm, i just want the second Rutx to only act as a “dumb” access point both for wireless and Ethernet connected devices. The first rutx already handles firewall and routing etc?

The first rutx is inside my main building/house and the second one is in a guest house on my yard.


So in your topology, the first RUTX will provide internet connectivity for the second RUTX. Then, the second RUTX will be on a different subnet and will provide IP to devices connected via wired and wireless. Is it similar to your requirement?

The first rutx will also provide Wi-Fi and wired connections to devices in the main building. Devices in the main building and in the guest house should be able to communicate to each other over LAN.


From my understanding, your topology will look something like this:

The first RUTX will be responsible to give internet and to provide IP to end devices. This means that all end devices are able to communicate with each other and will be on the same subnet.

Here is how you can configure it

First RUTX10

Nothing much to configure here. You just need to set the DHCP range and Wi-Fi settings.

Second RUTX10

Go to Network → Interfaces → General → Click on the pencil icon and change the LAN IP to Then, disable DHCP. Once you disable DHCP, you will lose access to the router. You need to put a static IP in /24 network. Save and Apply

Then, go to Network → Interfaces → Relayd. If it is not there, you can go to Services → Package Manager → Install Relay Configuration. Add New Instance: LAN, then click save and apply

Then you have to access CLI to add one line. You can access it using WebUI or PUTTY. Once you logged in, enter this code

vi /etc/config/network

To edit press ‘I’. On the last line add option network ‘lan wan’. Then Press Esc, then ‘:x’. Then Enter.

Lastly, for the devices to ping each other, go to Network → Firewall → General Settings

Then click on the pencil icon, add ‘lan’ on the destination zones.

After configuring, end devices connected from the first RUTX should be able to ping end devices from second RUTX.

Happy Networking!!

Thanks, this sounds exactly what I’m looking for. Great instructions!

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