RUTX10 - Mesh Node - RMS Failed to resolve host name

Firmware version: RUTX_R_00.07.06.8
Kernel Version: 5.10.199

Hi all,

I built a Mesh Network with RUTX50 with GSM as Mesh gateway and RUTX10 as Mesh Node (without direct internet access).

The Mesh network itself is working fine. But I want to include the RUTX10 device into my list of RMS controlled devices. I cannot connect the device to RMS portal, an error appears: Failed to resolve host name.

As I found out the device has no internet connection (no ping possible, no access to time server, no speedtest possible). Strangely, the mobile devices which connect to exactly this device over Wifi (as Mesh Node) have internet. What am I missing, what would need to be configured, so that the device itself has internet and not only the meshed Wifi networks?



I have just tested two Teltonika devices where one was acting as an access point (connected to the internet via a SIM card) and another device was connected to the first one via WiFi. Pings on the second device were successful.

Both devices I tested are upgraded to the latest RUTX_R_00.07.07.3 firmware version, so the issue is most likely related to the firmware version your devices currently have.

As a solution, I recommend upgrading both your RUTX50 and RUTX10 devices to the latest firmware version and checking if the issue persists. You can download the firmware versions from these links:

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Hello Marija, thank you very much for your help.

Both routers are at a remote location. I performed the firmware update on the RUTX50 which is managed by RMS. This didn’t resolve the issue. On the other router RUTX10 I still have to perform the update when I will be on-site, as this is not RMS-managed.

I had a problem following your guide (Wireless Mesh configuration example - Teltonika Networks Wiki) to set up a Mesh network. Later, it says that it would be needed to configure the LAN Interface on the Mesh node and set the Protocol to “DHCP”. On both my devices there is no such option, I can only chose between “none” and “static”. Could this be a problem?
Or: Is there an updated Mesh-network guide available?

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It is necessary for both routers to have the latest firmware version, as there may be issues with specific older firmware versions.

Regarding the mesh node, I just tested it with FW 07.07.03 and I haven’t selected the DHCP protocol on the LAN interface, but everything works as it should. Please upgrade your RUTX10 when you are able and try to replicate the issue again. Thank you!

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Hello Marija,
thanks again. At the end of the week I have physical access to the router once again and will do the firmware-update.
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Okay, please keep me updated!

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Hello Marija,
today I was able to locally update the RUTX10 device. These are the firmware versions:

RUTX50: RUTX_R_00.07.07.3 (acting as Mesh Gateway with Internet access)
RUTX10: RUTX_R_00.07.07.3 (acting as Mesh Node)

Unfortunately, the behaviour didn’t change:

  • RUTX50 has internet, wifi works fine, Mesh gateway works fine
  • RUTX10 has connection to Mesh gateway (client: 1), Wifi delivers internet to clients.

But the RUTX10 device itself has no internet access as before. The widget on Dashboard shows:

  • IP4V Status: offline
  • DNS Status: unavailable.
  • there is no chance I can get a ping from the device
  • there is no chance to include this device into the RMS

How is this possible? Clients that connect to a wifi of the RUTX10 node have internet, get an ip adress (from the gateway), but the device itself doesn’t have connection.

What did I misunderstand?

Thanks for your help.


I will need some sensitive information from you, so I have sent you a form to fill out. Once completed, I will contact you privately. Please use “6468” as the ticket ID…

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Hello Marija,
thanks for your support. I just sent you the support form.
best regards

Thank you for filling out the form! You should receive a response shortly.

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Solution to my problem:

In my case, I could either achieve
(1) - an internet connection of the device (Ping possible) but no internet connection of connected clients or
(2) - no internet connection of the device (no Ping, no RMS) but internet connection of connected clients.

As I found out, the problem is, that the Mesh client does not inherit the DNS-Settings of the gateway, although the Mesh gateway is registered as gateway by the Mesh client and - as I understood by support - it should actually inherit those settings. So, to get access to a DNS Server, a custom DNS Server has to be entered in the WAN interface. So, here the step by step approach:

  1. Set up Mesh gateway as in the configuration guide
  2. Start setting up Mesh client from factory defaults
  3. Set fix IP adress in the setup wizard.
  4. Set up Mesh SSID with correct SSID + password, everything else left at factory settings
  5. WAN-Interfaces: a standard WIFI0 interface is set during configuration of Mesh SSID
  6. WAN-Interface: WIFI0
    6.1) General page: Protocol = DHCP
    6.2) Advance page: Use default gateway = On
    6.3) Advance page: Use custom DNS Server: (google)

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