RUTX10 as a WLAN client

I’m using a RUTX10 as a WLAN client on a mobile vehicle, within a closed environment covered by 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi signal.
It connects to both bands, and receives two distinct IP addresses via DHCP. Is it possible to configure the router to connect to either 2.4GHz, or 5GHz, respect AP’s band steering rules, and appear as one single connected device on the network, with one IP?


Unfortunately, Teltonika routers do not support band steering at the moment. There is no way to create a single WiFi client on RUTX and then steer it to a different freequency band based on AP. This would require some additional developemnt, changes and testing. The team is aware that people are interested in this feature. However, as of now, there is no concrete timeline for when or if it will be implemented.

If you’re comfortable with OpenWRT and routers, you can check out the DAWN package here and try to make it work on your own. However, please note that I have not tried this and it might not be very easy to do. If you do manage to get it working, please let me know.

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