RUTX10 AP mode and frequency selection

Hi all,
I’m new to Teltonika and I’m interested in the RUTX10 router. I’m looking for some feedback/confirmation before getting one.
I want to set the router as an access point and manually change the channel in the 5GHz frequency.
I found in the RUTX10 manual section Wireless > General Setup an example with 2.4GHz and it looks like this is doable. Could you confirm that it is similar with 5GHz by changing the Mode to “AC”?

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You’ve discovered a helpful article that should address your needs for configuring an access point. While the examples and screenshots in the article showcase 2.4GHz WiFi, rest assured that you can select 5GHz WiFi as well, and the configuration steps will remain the same.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

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Thanks for your confirmation!

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