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I have such a problem, I have a RUTX09 router with a configured L2TP VPN, the connection works, I can ping the router address of the LAN card, but I cannot ping any device connected via the network connector, I bet there is some bug in the traffic rules, does anyone have any ideas? I am attaching a screenshot of the settings. Regards


To enable communication between the client and server on the RUTX09 device, you can achieve this by adding a static route. Follow these steps:

Navigate to Webui → Network → Routing → Static routes.

For the server:

Add the following details:

  • Interface: L2TP
  • Target: Client LAN IP
  • IPv4 Gateway: Client L2TP VPN IP

For the client:

Add the following details:

  • Interface: L2TP
  • Target: Server LAN IP
  • IPv4 Gateway: Server L2TP VPN IP

By configuring these routes, both the client and server LAN networks will be able to ping each other successfully.

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Thank you for your answer, according to the drawing I want to have access to all computers marked in the drawing as PC1, PC2, PC3, PCx and each subsequent one connected to the switch via a VPN tunnel from my computer, today I can ping the local LAN address of the RTX09 Router but I cannot get to the computers marked in the drawing. Any idea what to do with the traffic on the router? Regards

That is solution, turn on this option :slight_smile: Topic closed

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