RutX09 Failover Problem

Hello, I have a problem in Failover in the mob1s1a1 interface it appears offline, even though I have the Sim working without problems

Which firmware version you’re running on?
Can you upgrade to 07.06.10.

RUTX09 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Yes! RUTX_R_00.07.06.10

Okay so “Failover” does not mean “Load Balancing”.
It might be the case you’re mixing these 2 things up and therefore have wrong expectations?
Failover means, if primary WAN connection fails, second one jumps in. 1 “Online”, 1 sleeping (“Offline”).
Load Balancing means, use 2 WAN connections at the same time. 2 “Online” in parallel.

In your case, main internet connection seems to be “wan” and it is up and running.
Your backup connection, mob1s1a1 is sitting there and waiting to take over if wan fails.
But it is sitting there and doing nothing at the moment, so being “Offline”.

You can pull the plug from wan or disable this interface and the see if mob1s1a1 is taking over.
mob1s1a1 will then show as Online.

If you by accident configured Failover instead of Load Balancing, you can see here how to do it correctly:

Load Balancing Rules/Policies examples - Teltonika Networks Wiki


Could you please try moving mob1s1a1 to the first place and WAN to the second? Does it still show that the mobile connection is offline?
Also, if you disconnect the Ethernet WAN, does your router get internet from mobile? You can check this by logging in via CLI and executing the command ping . If the pings are successful, it means that your RUTX09 has internet access.

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