RUTx09 connects to Dual, then Single, and never reconnects to Dual without reboot


As the title suggests. After a reboot, my RUTx09 will aggregate to dual B3 radios quite happily, and the signal strength is excellent (I have the unit configured to only connect on B3, as my local tower also transmits on B20 which has low speeds). I can achieve speeds of 150Mb download.


I can run like this for hours, days, weeks.

Then, I will check, and the router has now dropped back to a Single connection, with no aggregation, and I rarely achieve speeds above 60Mb. It will now NEVER return to Dual unless I restart the router; restarting the modem is not enough.

Any thoughts? Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.05.4, modem firmware EG06ELAR04A20M4G.

Many thanks.


Thanks for reach us, The issue with RUTx09 switching from fast dual connection to a slower single connection after some time might be due to factors like:

  1. Cell Tower Load: If many people are using the same cell tower, your connection speed might drop.
  2. Signal Strength: Make sure your signal remains strong. Weak signals can affect your router’s performance.
  3. Tower Handover: Sometimes, Router switches between towers, causing a temporary drop in speed.
  4. Network Congestion: Busy times or crowded areas can slow down your connection.

Carrier aggregation is mainly controlled by the ISP, which means that it may not be feasible to force the router to consistently aggregate multiple bands. As a result, the bands are usually aggregated only when there is a demand for it.


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