RUTX08 and SQM Cake

We have a home with a slower internet conneciton, 80/40 mbits from a WISP-provider. In real life we get about 76 mbits down and 36 mbits up with an idle ping ranging from 16-22 ms.

At them moment our router is TP-Link ER605 which does a decent job but it doesn’t have SQM and a limited QOS-function. Our problem occurs when the line is satured, especially on the upload side making video calls etc unstable since we then get ping spikes. Bufferbloat result is D.

So I was thinking about buying a RUTX08 as this seems like a powerful enough router for our needs and I’m especially interested in the SQM function. Our wifi is handled by three Orbi RBK753 nodes in bridge mode.

My questions relates to if SQM can make a difference for our connection? I see there’s two variants of Cake, one that puts the traffic in different classes and one that doesn’t and tries to even out the network flows. I have a son who at times can do some torrenting and I’ve limited the bandwith in his torrent client but I would hope Cake also can help when he does this in making the rest of the network still do okay with internet browsing, video streaming etc.


In your case, where you’re experiencing issues with video calls and ping spikes during periods of saturation, SQM could be beneficial. The RUTX08 should help mitigate these problems.

When dealing with bandwidth-heavy activities like torrenting, SQM ensures a fair distribution of bandwidth across devices and applications. In your case, using Piece Cake may give you more control over different types of traffic. This can be handy if you want to prioritize specific types of traffic, like ensuring your video calls and real-time applications get better priority than torrenting.

It’s important to note that SQM doesn’t come standard with our routers; it’s an additional package. You can easily download it at System → Package Manager.

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