RUTX08 aceess through another router

We have the configured CISCO router to which i don’t have the access. On this router we have two subnets Office (DHCP) and Shop Floor (static). We didn’t have any issues with connections between them later. For connecting production cell to shop floor network we install RUTX08 router and configure it as NAT 1:1 (all IPs are on picture).

In the shop floor subnet i have access to all devices in the production cell subnet (PLC, HMI and RUTX). But from office subnet i cannot ping any of those devices including RUTX. I have some another NAT devices (Hirschmann, Allen Bredley )on shop floor subnet , and i don’t have such situations, all of them are accessible from office subnet, so i think, that i need add something in RUTX08 configuration.

For test, i reset to factory RUTX08, and after that change only WAN IP. And RUTX still pinging from shop floor subnet (engineering station) , but did not from office


Apologies for the delayed response.

First of all, I would suggest checking if the routes are in place, i.e. the office network knows how to reach the production cell, and the RUTX08 knows that it can reach Office via CISCO.

Secondly, if you are sure that the routes are in place, I would suggest installing TCPDump to check if the RUTX08 receives pings when you are trying to ping it from the office. TCPdump can be installed from CLI/SSH (username 'root ').

opkg update

opkg install tcpdump

# eth1 is the wired WAN interface

tcpdump -i eth1 icmp

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