RUTX Web UI Not Accesible

I have just bought a RUTX50 from Technology Doctors in the UK. I am trying to set up but when i go to it brings up an EE 4GEE Router user interface, not the Teltonika one?
Does anybody know why that would be? Also it doesnt seem to recognise SIM 2. Do i need to change something in settings for it to read SIM2?

You should probably address your question to the supplier. I notice that they heavily discount the cost of the device if you ordered it as part of a SIM bundle.

This might be because they’ve flashed their own version of firmware and locked you into the EE network.

If you did buy a RUTX + SIM bundle and only ordered one SIM, they MAY also have disable SIM slot 2.

If this is the case, in my mind, it’s a bit of ‘sharp practice’ because I can’t see anything on their product page to inform you that the device is locked to a network and proprietary firmware has been flashed over the standard Teltonika firmware.

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As Mike mentioned, you should contact your RUTX50/mobile supplier since the changes made to the device are non-standard. Your mobile provider will be better equipped to answer any questions.

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Quite a simple fix although unexpected.
I was connected to my home wi-fi when i typed in the 168 address, this connected to my home EE wifi WI. I thought the address would be unique to the RUTX-50 ?
When i connect to the RUTX-50 wifi i get the Teltonika WI.
This brings me onto my next question. Im no tech expert so this may be obvious to others but i bought this device for my campervan as a feature i liked was being able to monitor the GPS position. How do i access this remotely if i have to be connected to the RUTX50 wifi?

Here are a few suggestions / obervations but bear in mind that some may not be appropriate to how you intend to use the device …

a) If your Home network gateway is, I would change the RUTX LAN Gateway address to a different subnet e.g. This will avoid any accidental connection and will also make life potentially easier in the future should you want to establish a VPN between the RUTX and your home network.

b) You can access the Web UI via WiFi or by plugging into any of the ethernet LAN ports.

c) You can also access the Web UI remotely by establishing a VPN between say, your home location and the remote RUTX. There are choices to be made on how you do this, and these will be mostly determined by whether your SIM has a Public IP or is a regular domestic retail SIM.

d) With regards to tracking via GPS, it all depends what you want to do … just see where it is ‘now’ or see where it is ‘now AND see movement history’. Again there are choices here, depending what you want to do. This is not a function I personally use, but there are 3rd Party services such as Traccar or at its most basic, for just seeing where it is now, you could login to the router remotely via VPN and look at the map found at SERVICES > GPS > MAP e.g.

e) If you are already using RMS with you device, then RMS keeps a history of the last 1000 location readings which can be seen on a map and accessed via DEVICES > DEVICE> DEVICE DETAILS > LOCATION

f) The device can also send you an SMS with its current GPS position … see manual under SMS Utilities