RUTX Can call utilities action send an sms with caller number?


I would like to be able to be notified by SMS when someone is calling the sim in my RUTX12, with caller number and timestamp.
I was looking at the available actions, but didn’t find what I was looking for.
Is there a placeholder I could use with “Get status” action, or is there another way of doing so ?



Unfortunately, such functionality is not available on Teltonika Networks devices. However, it is possible to change the action on the incoming calls. This is set to ‘reject’ by default. You can try changing it to ‘ignore’ and you might potentially receive an SMS notification about a missed call, given that your network operator supports this feature. Please note that I haven’t tested this myself and the outcome also heavily depends on your service provider. In theory, setting from ‘reject’ to ‘ignore’ would stop the device from actively rejecting the call, which might enable the provider’s missed call notification system. In general, missed call notifications via SMS are handled by the cellular network provider.

You can find information about the call utilities on our wiki page here.

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