rutOS supported by openWISP?


We want to be able to centrally manage the devices via openWISP.
Does rutOS support this by default?

if not can we install OpenWRT on these devices? (RUT241, RUT950 etc)

Or does RUT have a portal to centrally manage multiple devices in the field?


I highly recommend utilizing the Remote Management System (RMS) for your network management needs. RMS is an exceptional software solution designed to provide seamless remote access and management capabilities for all your Teltonika Networks devices, as well as compatible third-party devices.

When considering OpenWISP, it’s important to acknowledge that compatibility with RutOS devices might not be assured. While technically it is possible to install OpenWrt on RUT devices, we recommend utilizing the default RutOS for optimal performance. RutOS provides a more extensive set of features and functionalities specific to our device.

Feel free to let me know if you require any further assistance.

Best Regards,

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