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Hey folks,

I’ve just bought a RUTX50 after testing out a couple of more consumer/retail focused 5G routers which suffered badly with modem disconnections.
So far so good on that front with the RUTX50.

Is there a straightforward and quick way to see if it’s connected via 5G or 4G?
On the RMS website/app you can go to devices > info icon > burger menu, and that would give you a slide out panel with useful information including “Connection Type: Mobile 5G”.

I can’t seem to find that information on the RutOS slide out panel. It says “Connected” and “Registered, home; SMARTY; 5G (NSA); VoLTE” but I have no idea if that’s 4G or 5G?

I’m using Firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.06.1

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Means that the device is actually connected to 5G (NSA). The VoLTE shows up as its in NSA mode. NSA mode employs carrier aggregation between 5G and 4G bands. In 5G SA mode its just 5G bands and you will not have VoLTE shown there.
Basically its both 5G. If it was 4G only it would show


Clive Pinto

Thank you, Clive - that makes sense :blush:

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