RUTM50 LAN Port controlling

I have a Teltonika RUTM50 router which has 4 LAN ports. One of these LAN ports is connected to the mini PC.
I want to control (i.e. enable or disable) other remaining LAN ports from my mini PC.

How can I do that? what are possible options available for controlling LAN ports ?



You can control LAN ports:

  • From router’s WebUI like explained in this article: Disable LAN Ports - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

  • By sending SMS messages, e.g. to enable LAN1 port send the following messages:
    1. ‘<admin password> uci set network._lan0.enabled=1’
    2. ‘<admin password> uci commit network’

  • Via CLI using uci commands, or editing config file.

Please let me know if you have more questions!

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