RUT95xx - WiFi Client/STA mode & LAN subnet


I have a few RUT950+951 devices (using the latest FW 07.04.5) that I have configured to use the WiFi Client mode which has the lowest metric in the multiwan (used as a primary/main). The main challenge/issue is when the WiFi is on the same subnet as the LAN where of course there’s a conflict and there’s no internet connection. In a scenario where we can’t control/force the customers to update their WiFi subnet, is there a solution that could be handled by the RUT device (e.g. relay, vlan, rules etc.) that would work in all cases (when WiFi subnet is (or not) the same as the LAN)?

The IPs allocated in the LAN are known in advance, are static, and cannot (or shouldn’t) be changed on the fly…


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Unfortunately, no such fuctionality is available. You would probably need to create some script yourself which would check if the IP address on the WiFi client interface, and if it is the same as the local LAN - configure the device appropriately (for example, in WiFi bridge mode). Most of the configurations can be done via UCI commands within the script. However, the best approach would be to change the LAN IP addresses of the router and the local devices.

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