RUT956 + python with internal storage only


I am trying to get our python application running on the RUT956 without using external storage (approach 1). If that does not work using encrypted external storage would also be an option (approach 2).

For both approaches I think I need to compile the RUTOS image myself, which ideally I would like to avoid, but works fine.

For approach 1, without external storage, I try to strip things out of the image which I do not need, to make space for python. I have a somewhat working image without vuci (and without some GPS/VPN stuff), but for some reason I lose the internal memory entirely (no overlay on /dev/mtdblock6), once I strip out vuci. I think this could work, but if I continue on this route and actually get it running, can I configure everything that vuci can per CLI? Or might this be a bad idea?

For approach 2, the encrypted external storage, I would need cryptsetup, which does not come with RutOS. I tried to install via the OpenWRT feeds, but it complains about a kernel mismatch and missing/incompatible kernel modules. I have build an RutOS image which includes all the needed kernel modules for (according to [OpenWrt Wiki] Disk Encryption), but for some reason I cannot enable cryptsetup with make menuconfig to build myself, and the OpenWRT one still complains about the kernel version mismatch.

Thank you for reading, any advice is appreciated.


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