RUT956 + Python + AWS Device SDK

I would like to ask an expert on Teltonika / OpenWRT to comment on this question and as to whether this is possible or not.

My goal:
To use the AWS IoT Device SDK for Python on the Teltonika RUT956 so that I can integrate with the AWS IoT Shadow service.

The problem:
To use the AWS IoT Device SDK it requires using the AWS Common Run Time (AWS CRT) for Python.

This cannot be directly installed from OPKG or even PIP because I believe it depends on C libraries that need to be compiled and I don’t know if this can be done or how. I would assume maybe it can be compiled somehow into Teltonika firmware SDK? I have no idea.

Alternative solution:
I am aware that I could use the “raw” SDK together with library like Paho MQTT and achieve an outcome. However, the AWS IoT Device SDK provides a lot of the implementation and best practices out of the box in Python, which I would like to leverage so that I don’t have to re-invent the whole MQTT messaging process myself.

My equipment:
Teltonika RUT956
Storage extended on USB flash memory

What have I tried:
I installed the Python module
I also installed the OPKG modules for AWS Boto Core and AWS SDK (but I don’t think these are necessary or related to this issue or question)

I tried installing using PIP:

python3 -m pip install awsiotsdk

However, the awscrt package is 30+mb and I think the Teltonika takes hours to download and extract this and then it will most likely fail anyway because there is a dependency on CMAKE and other compilation tools which are not available on OpenWRT.

Is there a way to build the awscrt Python package into the Teltonika firmware?
I would like to ask Teltonika experts if building the AWS Common Run Time would be possible so that it becomes a Python module that I can import in a Python script. The AWS CRT is based on C as in the previously provided Github link.

I have no idea how to even begin trying to manually build such a thing into the Teltonika firware. If someone could comment if that’s even possible or if there is a clear blocker due to some dependency issue or architecture not being supported.


The RUT956 comes with only 16MB of flash storage, and approximately 10MB is reserved for the RUTOS firmware. Compiling large or even smaller packages is not feasible due to these limitations. To successfully execute your plan, consider using RUTX series devices, which offer 265MB of flash storage.

I’m curious why you would want to recompile the Teltonika firmware for this project when it could be easily achieved with any single-board computers it was originally designed for.

Best regards,


Thanks for the reply.

I had a feeling that it would be pushing the boundaries of these kinds of devices. It’s just that the project already has a Teltonika RUT956 that was selected prior to my involvement with AWS IoT.

I wasn’t thinking of compiling on the Teltonika itself as it definitely doesn’t have the tools or memory to do this. I was under the impression that the compiling can be done on a much more powerful standard Ubuntu system. I just don’t know how to incorporate additional packages as I’m not a hardware or firmware engineer.

Thanks for your input.



By the way, I used the USB extensions feature for storage or are you talking about not enough memory?

I was talking about the internal flash memory, which is utilized for the RUTOS firmware.

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