RUT956 IPV6 over joined network

I have 2 RUT956 routers with the following setup:

RUT1 with Mobile4GLTE SIM (FixIP) to access Internet
Port forwarding 8080 →
on LAN I have an IPV4 camera ( and a IPV6 ECU

RUT2 with Wifi connection to RUT1 (via Joined RUT1 wifi Network) in Client mode

I can access RUT-1 WebUI and Camera from RUT1 and RUT2 LAN and RUT1 WAN Mobile (from internet)
But for the ECU the only way is from RUT1 LAN
I cannot get the connection from RUT2 nor from RUT1 Mobile

The PC runs a discovery process to find and connect to ECU)
Is there a way to setup the routers to have this IPV6 connection working through the Wifi between RUT1 & RUT2 ?

Thanks for any advice

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