RUT956 Firmware 7.06.3 (DATA TO SERVER)

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I’ve updated my 956 to 7.06.03.

I have a serial modbus device connected to the router and i’m using the Data sender to send the registers to the Hive Platform over MQQT.

I’ve noticed with the new firmware i can only select one data input as modbus meaning i cant filter by name. Where on previous firmware i could enter multi Modbus data inputs. and filter them by name them. Am i missing Something



The new data sender still has the option to filter on request name but it is indeed limited to one Modbus data input per collection. For now, depending on your needs, I would suggest checking the following options:

Create additional collections. Currently, the limit is 10 collections and 10 data inputs for each collection. Modbus (and other data sources that use databases) is limited to 1 data input per collection. This restriction is in place to conserve device resources. However, it is possible to raise this limit via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’) if needed:

#edit configuration file

vi /etc/config/data_sender

#type 'i' to start editing. Use arrow keys to navigate.

#Add the following under 'config settings'. Adjust the limits accordingly (since TRB245 is very limited on resources, I recommend #keeping the number of collection as small as possible)

config settings 'settings'

    option loglevel '1'

    option max_collections '80'

    option max_inputs '128'

# When done, press ESC, type ':wq!' and press Enter. This will save the configurations.

# Then, restart data_sender service:

/etc/init.d/data_sender restart

Another thing that you can try is a workaround suggestion that I mentioned here. This option should theoretically allow you to filter multiple requests at once.

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