RUT956 Connection to USB Over IP device to connect with web application

Hi ,
I am trying to connect USB over IP device using RUT956 to connect and send it message in customized format and then received reply forward to http server ,or mqtt server .Please suggest is it possible using RUT956 . As I have done this using RPi and developed application in python .

That application used tkinter to enter IP ,port and message to send server .
Can i run this GUI based application on RUT956 .

Please also confirm this .

Shailendra Tripathi


Thanks for reaching us.

Regarding the link below, is this the one you’re looking for? you will forward it from USB over IP to a specified server that you support on a specific port, However, when it comes to the message, the server will act as the master.

If possible, provide a topology for your project and how you intend to proceed.

If you want to execute a Python script on our device, you must first install the Python package via SSH using the following commands:

pokg update
opkg install python3-light

Then simply upload the script file and run it in our device via Python command

by executing the following command that will assist you to proceed with the script, which is provided in the link below:

Let me know if am wrong.


Please find the attached scenario @ presently using python we send message to server and get reply and that reply forward to http server .


By default, our device is not able to send the customized json data from a third-party device using data to a server python3 code because it will be saved in Modbus RAM and it will not be able to send it to a server from a third-party device using python3 code; thus, you need a custom script in that case to instruct our device to send the python3 code customized in json format to your Public Cloud HTTP server.

If you want us to do the custom script, contact one of our sales managers to start with the custom development project procedure from link below:


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