RUT955 Write modbus register from SMS command

Hi, I’d like to write predefinited modbus register to a PLC by sending a SMS command to the router.
Example: when I send “TURN ON” sms to the router, it will write a modbus register to PLC with a predefined value. Is it possible to do it? Maybe using SMS Utilities funcions - Execute custom script?


Indeed, if predefined values are acceptable, then the best solution will most likely be to call Modbus Write function via the Custom Script functionality. Syntax for writing data to Modbus registers via a command can be found here: Rut 955 : Trying to read modbus rs485 data from slave device using Pyserial - #5 by AndzejJ
Let me know if there are any difficulties with the configuration.

EDIT: It seems like we’ve already had a similar question: RUT955 SMS utilities - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

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Thanks a lot, it works!
I also received the SMS back from the router:

?"error": 0,
?"result": "OK"
Status code: 0

Is it possible to customize the SMS received back or totally disable it?

Glad to hear that it worked!
Unfortunately, the responses cannot be customized at the moment, and without disabling the entire SMS service, it is not possible to discard the response.
However, it may be beneficial to receive the response indicating whether the command was executed successfully, as well as the error (if present).

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