RUT955 : wifi instead of WAN?


I wanted to know if I can connect my RUT955 to the Internet by using a wifi access (the one from my internet box) instead of the WAN ?
I did’nt found instruction in the wiki.


I’m more the RUT240/RUT241 guy but what I did:

  • go to Network → Wireless
  • open the SSID settings
  • change mode to “Client”
  • enter your SSID and PSK
  • select whether you want to have the WLAN to be a WAN or LAN
  • set the correct IP on the interface or use DHCP

That’s more or less it.

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Addon: use Google!?!

By searching for

Teltonika Router Wifi Client

I found this:

(RUT240 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki)

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