RUT955 WiFi antenna both needed for STA and AP?

Hi, for the RUT955, which has 2 WiFi antenna connectors, we connected only the top (client up-link) and cannot find any AP. Don’t find it in any hardware documentation which antenna is for STA and which for AP?

Can it be that we also need to connect the lower WiFi antenna for AP?

Thank you for clarification!


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Even without inserting the Wi-Fi Antennas, you should be able to detect RUt955 2G Wi-Fi. The image below shows that 1 Wi-Fi Client is connected.

For good practice, we suggest our users to insert both Wi-Fi Antennas for better coverage and signal.

Let me know if this clarifies your doubts.


Hi Thank you for your reply.
Problem is not that the clients cannot connect to the router’s AP but the other way: The router can hardly see any other WiFi networks of the building we want to connect the router to as ‘up-link’ - with up-link I mean as if you would connect the WAN port to connect to a modem or other upstream router.
So we’re scanning for networks in the GUI/webpage of the router and see some low coverage WiFi but not the ‘free wifi’ we want to connect to.

screenshot shows found networks from scanning - Huawei is my phone that is close to the router with only 58%
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 12.45.57

below the WiFi we can see from another phone

So my assumption is that the lower WiFi connector is for the uplink?
We’ll connect both antennas for now to check if that creates better search and find other networks.
Thanks for your suggestion!

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