RUT955 webui timeout

Unable to successfully connect connect to web ui on port 443 over an openvpn connection. Sometimes I’m able to login only to get a partially loaded overview page and a message about being unable to load system overview. Other times, I get a message at the login page about the device being unreachable.

SSH is fine, and connections to hosts on the other side of the router are fine. CPU spikes for the uhttpd process when trying to load the admin page. Things I have tried include

  • restarting router
  • switching sim cards
  • dropping mtu on both sim cards and the openvpn tunnel
  • updating firmware to latest
  • different browser
  • clearing browser cache / cookies / etc
  • connecting to webui via a ssh local port forward

I do not have physical access to the router so any troubleshooting will need to be done via SSH.

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