Rut955 vs rut956

Hi, we and our team were asking ourself if there is way to upload a RUT955 configuration on a RUT956.
We are trying by using the rms and the WebUI but we didn’t make it. I’ve read that the configurations can be uploaded only by an identical device but we just want to know if this is completely true.
Hope you can solve this.


You’re correct. The backup configuration can only be uploaded to an identical device (same model and product code) with the same firmware version. To avoid any inconsistencies or troubles, it’s best to configure the same settings on an RUT956, take a backup and then upload them to your device fleet.

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Hi, even if they are both rut 956 with different product code?
For example we have one rut956100000 and another one which is rut956200000 with the same firmware version.
Will i be able to switch the configuration between them?

Yes, you are right.

Can i ask you how is it possible?
These products are almost the same and we can’t upload the same configuration over and over again.
This is a big problem for us.
We have a multiple routers between 955 and 956 with different product code, we take 3 hours to set up just one.
What are we supposed to do now? If there’s anything that we can do, please let us know.

One way is to configure all at the same time using RMS Device configuration functionality RMS Device configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki

But we can’t because apparently almost every router that we have it’s different and the same config cannot be uploaded.

RMS Device configuration is specifically for this purpose. As the link I provided in the previous reply says This tool will help you to configure multiple devices and even ones from different series., moreover here it says RMS is now capable of configuring multiple, different models of devices at the same time. Deploying your desired configuration has never been easier..

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