RUT955 - Using in France with a smarty sim

I’ve got a RUT955 that came with our caravan. I’m going to be using it for the first time in France next month. The RUT955 currently has a Smarty sim installed which works fine in the UK. Will the sim work in France or do I need to change any settings (and if so how). I know a Smarty sim in an Android/iphone will not work abroad unless you make a one-off change to the phone settings and wondered if you need to do something similar with the RUT995
Thank you in advance of any help provided.

You should be fine. There is a setting in the router under Network/Mobile to deny data roaming which is off by default, meaning that the SIM will roam unless you specifically set it to not roam. I haven’t used a SMARTY SIM abroad but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.


Thanks for reaching out!

As @acamsell already indicated there shouldn’t be any issue.
RUT955 has different versions for different parts of the world. As you know only difference is the frequencies that are supported. But inside of the Europe there won’t be any issue.
If you want, you can see detailed information regarding RUT955 versions from here

And from the WebUI, on the Network > Mobile > General there is a section for deny data roaming. Just please be sure this is disabled. I also attached the screenshot below.

Have a nice trip!

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