Rut955 ultra slow on


we have a Rut955 router on our boat.
It’s got the very latest firmware loaded today.
The router has been reset to factory default and been started with the Sim inside.

When I put the card into the Rut955 it does connect to the internet but it is ultra slow.
I tried both Sim card slots.

The router has proven to work before with a Portuguese Vodafone Data Sim Card.
So, the installation location on the boat is fine, as are the Batlink antennas.

We are now in Italy and have a Vodafone Italy Data Sim card with 300GB data.
When we put this card into an older phone (Huawei Mate 9) and open a hotspot on this phone, we can access the internet from all devices at fast speed when connected to the hotspot.
I put the Mate 9 beside the router for a test, so it’s not the mounting location.

Happy to have a remote support session or upload event files if that’s what’s needed.

Looking forward to get this fixed.


The issue is most likely not in the configuration, but rather the mobile signal. Could you please navigate to Status → Network → Mobile and post 4 screenshots of that page here? Make sure to blur out IMEI, IMSI and ICCID fields for privacy. Each screenshot should be with a different band locked. To lock the bands, please navigate to Network → Mobile → General settings, select LTE-only network mode, and from the band list select only one of these bands at the time:

  • B1;

  • B3;

  • B7;

  • B20;

Make sure that both antennas are tightened properly and use either a directional antenna pointed towards the tower, or a good omni-directional antenna.
Additionally, modern mobile phones use a higher LTE category modems, which support more modulation schemes, can aggregate more bands, and often support more MIMO combinations. All of this usually leads to a higher network speeds. However, RUT9 devices are intended for stability and handling of higher number of clients. For example, if comparing routing performance between a mobile phone and a RUT9 device, the mobile phone would most likely lose.

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Antennas are fixed and working. We had no issues with the physical setup. It worked flawless before with the Vodafone card in Portugal.

We have a strong LTE at this anchorage, see screenshot.

As mentioned the old phone with enabled hotspot provides good LTE access to all linked devices.

Antennas are two omnidirectional Batlink.

The phone I used as reference is a Huawei Mate 9 from 2016. So hardly recent technology.

I prepared the screenshot, but noted that, despite applying the new settings the status stayed at B1 even after a reconnect.

Antenna Spec

B1 Applied


B3Applied StillB1 thereafter.

B7Applied still B1 thereafter.

B20Applied Still B1 thereafter.

Sorry, could not attach more than 1 screenshot per reply.
We bought the router to get good reception with external antenna.
Not blazingly fast, but decent LTE, now we have a great LTE signal, but the router does not even give G3 performance.

This is the Vodafone data card we have:

We have the 300GB version.

Hi Daumantas I’m a bit dissapointed I heard nothing back after all those screenshot I prepared I heard no more from your end. Could you please have another look?


Apologies, missed your response. Could you clarify the speeds you’re getting on B1?

As seen in this screenshot.


This page only contains signal parameters, I was referring to the speed that the RUT955 is providing. Additionally, other users have reported, that the speed is being throttled artificially on Vodafone IT for routers: Router throttling by mobile operators! - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

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Hello, just for information this summer I did setup a network with a RUTX12 dual sim (both sims on vodafone Italia network). The setup is located in the countryside of Alghero in Sardegna, during the week there is almost nobody, but during the weekend its full. The speed did vary a lot based on user density. I also tried in the nearby city at the port, there the connection was ok but the speed download and upload were terrible.

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