RUT955 stops answering 2

My previous case was closed so I will start a new one with the same issue (same title)

Firmware is the latest version:

Factory reset has been done.

Tried with different SIM card, same issue

Running the same application and scenario in our local test environment works without issue.

We will visit our customer with a new RUT955 shortly to test if this works better. Any suggestions what to examine while there?

Please do not close this issue until its resolved.


Cases automatically close due to inactivity.

Does the test setup contain the same internal modem as the one in customers location (EC25-EU)?
Perhaps you could try using 3G to send the SMS?
The internal modem firmware version also seems quite old, so if it’s possible, I suggest updating it using the following procedure: RUTX Modem Firmware update process - #2 by ISMAILKISOUMI. Make sure the modem is stable before updating it.
If none of these options help, I suggest returning the device for RMA.

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Seemed like it was all due to issues with the customers sim cards.

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