RUT955 Static SIM card forwarding

Dear Experts,
I’m trying to make a static IP routing vis static IP SIM cards network between 2 RUT955 with firmware version (RUT9_R_00.07.04.2) as per attached architecture.
I already tested the same architecture with wired WAN network and it is working with me successfully.
My simple architecture is as below:

I followed the below steps to make the static IP routing with static SIM cards at both devices.
After applying all the below steps at both devices, unfortunately I can’t ping or connect devices from one LAN to other LAN.
I tried many ways and couldn’t do it, So kindly check and advise the right way.
the steps are as below:

  1. Assign the LAN address for both devices.
    2.Assign the private APN and confirm the static IP’s for SIM cards.
  2. Make the static IP routing for both devices.
  3. Accept input, output & forward at firewall settings for WAN & LAN sides.
  4. Accept all inputs and forward at firewall traffic walls.

The Static IP routing configuration for both devices:


Static routes won’t work when using static IP Simcards. You have to check with your ISP to allow this option. To have LAN to LAN communication between this 2 RUT955, VPN tunnel can be created. OpenVPN TAP-Static Key can be configured. I referred to this link when doing the configuration.

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10.x.y.z addresses are private and aren’t routable in the network, you won’t be able to perform direct exchanges between the two RUT955.
You will need a VPN do do that, zerotier is one solution there are others.

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Thanks for your prompt reply.
my question here if I can ping both SIM card IP’s from the 2nd side but can’t ping the LAN IP’s for the 2nd side.
What I mean that I can Ping the 1st device Static SIM card from device no. 2 but I can’t ping the devices at LAN network of device no.1.
What should I do to solve this issue?


For this configuration to work, your ISP needs to set up either dynamic or static routes to the LAN networks of RUT1 and RUT2. However, as you’re using the same LAN networks, routing will not work here. The only solution would be to suggest a Layer 2 VPN like OpenVPN TAP or L2TP as mentioned by @just.here2help.
Alternatively, you can change the LAN IP of one of the devices, however, the ISP should be informed about this to update their routes.

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Hi @Daumantas
Thanks for your reply.
Kindly note that the actual architecture is as below and I’m working with 2 different LAN networks (1st architecture there was amistake in the IPs)

Currently I can ping the SIM IPs from the second side as below
But the problem now that I can’t reach the LAN devices from the second side, I’m sure that the problem not with the ISP as we did same task by another brand at same network.
So, Any help regarding this issue that the problem may be in firewall, port forwarding or something like this.


Make sure that Input and Forward chains are set to Accept:

The edit the WAN zone, and make sure that LAN is added to Allow forward to destination zones field:

These settings should make the LAN zone accessible from the other networks.
If it still does not work, please try setting up the same solution with the equipment from another manufacturer that you mentioned previously, and check if you can reach the LAN on the same SIM card.

EDIT: You can also try disabling Masquerading to check if that helps.

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