Rut955 SMS gateway sender id


I need to set the Sender ID of the sms that is sent from my Rut955. In other words, i want to set a human readable name of the sent sms, so that the receiver see the name instead of the phone number.

I am running RUT9_R_00.07.06.1_WEBUI.bin

I tried the following using a ssh session: gsmctl -A ‘AT+CSDH=1,“router01”’ but i get ERROR. Sadly i cannot find anything regarding setting Sender ID in the wiki nor the forum.



From my investigation, it seems like it is not possible to configure custom Sender ID on Quectel modems. However, even if it would be possible to add the Sender ID in the message header, most carriers require the subscriber to be verified and will not allow anyone to use unauthorized names, as that could lead to malicious actors pretending to be someone else.
In this case, I’d suggest contacting your carrier to check if they offer such services, and perhaps they will be able to replace the sender ID on their end.

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