RUT955 Serial over IP suddenly stopping with new firmware and CPU-load goes to 100% (sodog process)

Since in installed new firmware 07.06.3 on my RUT955 i have problems with serial over IP. I’m forwarding local GPS NMEA data to the Serial over IP interface. After a while the connection with the serial over IP server is lost and the sodog process consumes over 75%, so the total CPU-load goes to 100% and the RUT is reacting slow and there is no serial data on the RS232 output anymore.

Don’t know exactly which firmware i had before but i think it will be one from 2022. With the old firmware it was working perfectly.

I installed the firmware without keeping settings and did a factory reset with the new firmware. With logread i don’t see any messages about RS232 or serial over IP. After stopping and starting the Serial over IP interface i works again untill the sodog process load goes to maximum again.

Is it a bug in the new firmware?

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Could you clarify if the NMEA sentences are being collected from the device itself, or are they coming from a third-party device connected to the RUT955 via serial communication lines?
Perhaps any scripts are used on the device? If so, could you provide a summary of how they work?

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The NMEA data is collected on the device itself and forwarded to the serial ip server on, port 8500. As long as the system is running good i have good NMEA data on the RS232 output.

No scripts on the device.

Update: I had three NMEA sentences selected each for 1 per second at 9600 baud. I disabled one of them and now the problem seems te be gone. Maybe some buffer is overflowing with three sentences selected?


Serial over IP service is not designed to accept regular TCP data. The service is intended to control serial devices remotely. A few configuration examples can be found here:

However, if the connection works with fewer NMEA sentences, then perhaps you could try increasing the interval to 5 seconds?
If that does not work, then I’d suggest using a script to forward the TCP data directly to the RS232 port symlink found in /dev/rs232 and disabling all other services that utilize the serial connection.

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