RUT955 - RS232 to Data to Server

I’m new to this subject and don’t know the terms used.
I have a device that sends strings over the RS232 port. I need to store these strings and send them to an IP address over a WiFi network. I thought about using the “Data to Server” service.
I need step-by-step help configuring the RUT955.
Thanks in advance. Any help is welcome.

Sou novo neste assunto e não conheço os termos utilizados.
Tenho um dispositivo que envia strings pela porta RS232. Preciso armazenar estas strings e enviá-las para um endereço IP através de uma rede WiFi. Eu pensei em utilizar o serviço “Data to Server”.
Preciso de ajuda passo a passo para configurar o RUT955.
Agradeço desde já. Toda ajuda é bem vinda.


Perhaps you know what protocols your device supports?

If it simply sends strings over RS232 port, then, I would suggest using Serial Over IP functionality. With this feature, when RUT955 receives data on RS232 port, it will establish a TCP/IP connection to your configured IP address (server/device). This service can work in both server mode (connecting to the RUT to obtain RS232 data) and client mode (the RUT connects to the server’s IP address and sends data). Basically, it encapsulates data and sends it over TCP/IP to your desired IP address.

You can find more information about this functionality here. I would also suggest checking another article here to get a better understanding of this feature.

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The device simply sends strings like this:
or like this

I have configured the “Serial Over IP” as the RUT connects to the server’s IP address and sends data.

However, the data does not arrive at the IP address.
See my configuration in RUT.


Does the fact that the RUT encapsulates the data change its format?

I looked in the two articles you recommended, but they weren’t enlightening (or I’m a bit foolish to do that :roll_eyes:).

But, come to think of it, the RUT may lose internet connection.
It might be better to configure Data to Server. I think this service will keep trying to send data until there is an internet connection. So I think this service works.

I received the information on the server from this service.
But I don’t know how to send the data from the device connected to the RS232 port through the “Data to Server” service.

Can you guide me?

I need to do this.


The data to server feature depends on other services to collect data, such as Modbus, DNP3, Wifi Scanner, etc. In your case, since the device does not support those protocols, you cannot really use Data to Server functionality for this.

As for Serial Over IP, it does not modify the payload, just encapsulates the data so it can be delivered over TCP/IP.

Firstly, I would suggest to first test this feature locally to ensure that it is configured properly. Install some TCP/IP server (for example, Hercules here). Start the server on your PC and try sending data to your PC via Serial Over IP feature. Please, make sure that the firewall on your PC does not block traffic. Once you start getting data on your PC, you can be sure that Serial Over IP is configured properly and works. Then, you can try sending RS232 data to your remote IP address.

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Thanks a lot, AndzejJ.

I will try to do it.

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