RUT955 reset admin pass


Factory reset is the only way to reset the admin password ? The problem with this solution is that i do not have access to the device and additionaly losing the existing settings is something i would like to avoid

Not sure what I understand the issue is? One does not have to do a factory reset to reset the admin password? What I am missing here?


If I understand correctly, you’re unable to access the router via CLI (SSH) and WebUI, correct?

If you have an RMS account with this RUT955 registered in it, you can set a new password for your device by selecting it and navigating to Management → Password Manager.

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Thanks for the reply. The previous admin did not set up an rms account and now it is not possible to set up since i need the password and mac adr.

Thank you for confirming that. I’m sorry, but if you don’t have access to the router’s CLI, WebUI, and it’s not registered in RMS, the only option to restore the password is to perform a factory reset.

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this is not the answer i hoped for but in any case thank you for the assistance

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