RUT955 on/offline

Hi Team,
I have an RUT955 which is configured to connect via WAN and mobile. Initially configured with failover WAN as primary and mobile as backup with the WAN connection set to flush connections on “connected”
the unit appears to jump on/off line at fast intervals connecting an disconnecting every 3-4 seconds for a period, then would settle and remain connected for a few hours before repeating.
changed the config to load balancing but we see the same behaviour.

cannot attach the troubleshooting file.

Hello Andy

Is it possible to share what firmware are you currently running on the RUT955


Hi Rashid,

first was 7.05.4 currently it is on 7.06.1


Hello Andy

Can you Just post the screenshots of the logs that include the last 10-50 lines, make sure you hide any private details


from which file Rashid? I see a number of files in the troubleshooting folder.

From system.log

is it possible somewhere to see if connection issues are caused by a power drop?

These logs only contain ,information regarding the RMS, could you try to back log a bit more and get into the details of the device itself

this section any good?

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