RUT955 - NTRIP using propriety WAN

NTRIP works as expected with third party provider via mobile connection.

Is there anybody who has configured the 955 via the WAN port (no mobile connection) via a dedicated propriety NTRIP network or is there any reason why this type of configuration just doesn’t quite work? I say “just doesn’t quite work” as the response from NTRIP server appears fine, login credentials are accepted, ntrip client run starts successfully but then gets hung-up in a continuous repetitive loop like the following as per CLI feed without returning any corrections

Coordinates were acquired and set successfully [Lat, Long]
update_values_from_ubus complete
Going to update coordinates from router GPS device
Getting nmea from router GPS device
Coordinates were acquired and set successfully [Lat, Long]
etc etc as above and repeats this sequence indefinitely until
^CNTRIP client was stopped properly

[Lat, Long] values in the feed are confirmed and correct.

There are identified/noted queries with/in the GGA message which may be a cause? Will post these under separate GGA heading

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