RUT955 L2TP/IPSEC client not connecting to Unifi Edgerouter VPN server

Hello everyone.

  • I have L2TP/IPSec server running on Unifi Edgerouter on fixed IP
  • I can successfuylly connect to this server from all my IPhones and Mac computers, except RUT955
  • previously I also had a permanent VPN connection to this server from my RUT955 client
  • Recently I had to do a factory reset and now I am not able to configure the VPN on my RUT955 again. I have already spent days trying different options. Iphone/Mac connects, RUT955 does not. I have cross-checket the IPs usernames, passwords 10 times by now.
    On IPhone I have to configure only 4 parameters and it works: server IP, account name, password and secret.

Please suggect what is wrong or what parameter changes should I try.

I am trying following options in RUT, but it just does not connect anymore:

I had a limitation of 1 screenshot per post, therefore sorry for several posts on this topic.

However, now all my VPN configuration should be well visible.

Please help, what is wrong there.

Thnaks in advance.

Adding here the configuration of the VPN server on the unifi Edgerouter
On server side I see active L2TP connection → it seems that my problem should be on IPSEC part.

vpn {
ipsec {
allow-access-to-local-interface disable
auto-firewall-nat-exclude disable
ipsec-interfaces {
interface eth0
nat-networks {
allowed-network {
nat-traversal enable
l2tp {
remote-access {
authentication {
local-users {
username XXXXXXX {
password YYYYYYY
static-ip 192.168.1.X
mode local
client-ip-pool {
start 192.168.1.x
stop 192.168.1.x
dhcp-interface eth0
dns-servers {
idle 1800
ipsec-settings {
authentication {
mode pre-shared-secret
pre-shared-secret ZZZZZZZZZ
ike-lifetime 3600
lifetime 3600
mtu 1492

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