RUT955 GPS and Sim 2

I’ve started experimenting with the GPS functionality. It seems to work as expected when I’m using Sim1 however when it fails over to Sim2 I don’t seem to get a signal? Is this expected behavior and/or what are some troubleshooting steps I can take?


The issue you are facing may be related to the modem rebooting during a SIM switch. Could you try setting the SIM2 as the default, then rebooting the router and checking if it is able to acquire a GPS signal?
I will also ask you to clarify how you are checking the GPS status. Are you using the map available in the WebUI? Make sure the antenna has a direct line of sight to the sky during the testing.
Additionally, make sure you are on the latest firmware.

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When SIM2 is set as the default it seemed to work post reboot. Should I try flipping back and forth between SIM cards?

I have been checking via the map in the WebUI and the antenna has a clear view of the sky.

I am unable to use the latest firmware due to this issue.

That’s okay, no changes seem to have been made to GPS in the latest firmware.
Does the GPS start to work when SIM1 → SIM2 → SIM1 changes are performed?
What method are you using to trigger the SIM Switch?

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Have the automatic sim switch in place based on “no network”, “data connection fail”, and an ICMP health check. I’ve also occasionally forced a change by switching the default SIM.

The GPS failure does not seem to be consistent based on any pattern I can determine.


Apologies for a delayed response.
Just to clarify, when downgrading to v07.04.3, the settings were not kept, correct?
If they were, could you factory reset the device to factory defaults and check if the issue reappears?

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Factory reset is not an option as I am currently in the field and do not have time to troubleshoot in that sense. I’m noticing the firmware released on 07/24/23 has some fixes related to sim switching, so will try that out before too long.

From what I can tell this is not actually behaving on the second sim card with the latest firmware. Are there other options than factory default as that would be a challenge given intermittent access to the physical device.

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